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It's time to adopt new daily habits that will allow you to save on your electricity bill.

We are aware that energy bills are exorbitant and represent a significant expense in your monthly budget, taking into account the average income in Africa.

Here are some tips based on 3 key areas: The kitchen, lighting and appliances (appliances, media).

  • Put a lid on your pans and pots to speed up the cooking of your food.

  • Use daylight as much as possible to illuminate your kitchen before turning on your lamps.

  • As for the refrigerator, avoid placing them near a heat source and placing food that is still hot or not covered, so as not to encourage the build-up of frost, which increases your consumption.

  • Choose devices with an energy class closest to A +++

  • In order to avoid hidden watches, opt for "standby cut-off" sockets which stop the arrival of current when you turn off your devices.

  • Prefer energy-saving multimedia devices, especially the LCD screen instead of Plasma

  • Arrange your furniture according to your needs, so that you make the most of the daylight

  • Opt for LED bulbs, low consumption

  • Only leave on what is necessary


Gain your energy independence by moving towards solar energy, a free and accessible energy wherever you are !

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