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ARESS in Africa

The challenge of access to energy in Africa  

With very strong territorial disparities, Africa remains the least electrified continent in the world.

The question of this deficit of access to electricity is doomed to become more and more criticized because of the demographic explosion that the continent is experiencing.

In Benin, nearly 55% of the population lives in rural areas. In these territories, only the administrative centers of the communes are connected to the electricity network, which concerns only 40 to 45% of the population, and among the households that can technically connect to it, many are not. 


ARESS is a bet on the future: that of an Africa through Africa and for Africa.  

Based in Benin, since 2012 we have been developing certified solutions for residential and professional use in both urban and rural areas.  


With our constantly innovating solutions, our payment facilities, our guarantee and assistance; we ensure unmatched durability and satisfaction for each of our customers.


Since 2012, we have been developing local expertise with international standards.



Shine in a clean, durable and the fate of thousands of our fellow citizens.


Our Afro-responsibility,

Afro-responsibility is the conceptual translation of our position in the discourse on Africa. Nor "afro-optimism",

nor “Afro-pessimism”, “Afro-responsibility” responds to a different logic: to better understand the challenges facing the African continent in order to work so that it can meet them.


It is underpinned by a strong conviction: in a complex and rapidly changing environment, the African continent needs spaces for exchanges and actions. This is in order to regain a certain dignity in the implementation of its own development policies.

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