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Productive solar

Solar at your service

Access to energy is often a brake on the development of activities, due to high costs but also to supply deficits and multiple load shedding.


We offer an energy-solar transition to micro-entrepreneurs (agriculture, livestock, crafts ...) to allow them to develop.
An increase in agricultural production is associated with greater consumption of energy, especially in the use of equipment and machinery.
It is essential to pump water from the springs and to keep the products in the cold chain.


This is how our team intervenes in the supply and installation of solar equipment to reduce costs related to consumption and pollution.
The transition also contributes to protecting the environment, which has an advantage even for the quality of the production of micro-entrepreneurs.

They trusted us !


All our products are selected on strict quality criteria and comply with international standards, and all benefit from after-sales service and several years of guarantees. Thus, thanks to our technical recommendations, our customers can choose a quality installation that corresponds exactly to the level of power they need.
The Global Lighting Initiative, led by the World Bank and IFC to accelerate the growth of the market for off-grid clean lighting solutions in Africa, has set quality standards for strict quality control since 2009.
This quality assurance program is intended to limit the market for low-end products and protect consumers.

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